Can cats eat imitation crabs? 

What is an imitation crab made of?

Crab is a good seafood snack to be given as it contains omega 3s, which suits your cat’s stomach. It is not a real crab; that is why they are named imitation crabs. All consumers love imitation crab along with their cats. They are available at affordable rates, and as compared to crabs, these imitation crabs are cheaper. Many consumers of this crab meat don’t know what this meat consists of and whether cats can eat this meat.

If you question yourself whether cats can feed imitation crabs or not, then the answer is yes, they can, but only in small quantities; otherwise, they will fall sick. If they eat this often or consume it in large amounts, then there are chances of your cat falling ill because of its ingredients.

Can cats eat crabs?

Imitation crabs are not made specifically for your cats so that you can give them as a snack only. It is not cat food, so you can’t replace this meat with your cat meal. The food is safe for cats but is not considered the best option as cat food. You cannot include it in your cat’s diet since it will be dangerous if consumed in large amounts. Vets don’t consider imitation crabs as toxic cat food; neither do they suggest you feed them and include them in your cat’s diet.


The main ingredient in this meat is starch which may create the problem of indigestion. Your cat can’t digest a large amount of starch. Another ingredient is whitefish. It is pulverized with starch by makers of imitation crabs to give a close natural texture of crab meat. The mix is finally shaped in the form of crab after curing.

Your cat won’t be hurt if this crab meat is given without seasoning. Skip seasonings if you wish to make cat crab meat since plain meat is suitable and safe for cats. The seasoning affects the health of your cat by attacking their blood cells which causes stomach issues.

Apart from starch, there are other artificial flavorings included, like sugar. The extra additives are not good for your cat’s health. There is more sugar and less protein in imitation crab as compared to real crabs. Since it is seafood, it may cause allergies to cats.

Some indications of allergic reaction are: –

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Itching
  • Stomach problem
  • Sodium-ion poisoning

Apart from this, high sodium levels may not be a healthy option for cats. So imitation crabs may end up as a worse decision if it has a high level of sodium. The daily sodium intake is 21mg for cats, and crossing this limit on a single day may cause health problems.

Raw/ cooked crabs

Cooked crab meat can be given to your cat as good treats or snacks. But you should never give raw meat to cats. The taste of meat depends on individual cats. Some may like it, some may not. It is difficult to say with certainty that cats love crabs as they are picky eaters in their personalities. If your cat likes the taste of crab meat, you can give them as snacks.

Cats often eat the raw flesh of crabs, consisting of bacteria, viruses, and other parasites that can harm them. So it is advisable to cook the crabs before feeding the cats. This will kill the parasites and germs in the meat and will be easily digestible.

 Are imitation crabs harmful to cats?

Imitation crab is a cheap alternative to expensive crab and is regarded as tofu in the world of seafood. They are unhealthy as it contains preservatives to give the taste and texture of real crabs. They have less nutritional value as compared to real crab meat.

Often kittens love the crunchiness and taste of crabs. It doesn’t have any nutritional or health value for your cats, although they are not toxic foods. It tastes like a seafood type of hot dog. Prepared from surimi and made after adding ingredients and other kinds of groundfish. It has low protein and fat levels and high carbohydrates.

 Crab shells

Throw the shells and the legs and only give the meat since they are hard for your cats to chew. It will be difficult to digest and may lead to possible choking hazards. It is better to steam and avoid any seasonings or salt in it.

 Canned crabs

Don’t use canned crab meat for cats even though it is inexpensive and lasts longer as it is packed with preservatives and salt. For canned crab meat, avoid adding flavoring and ingredients of tomato sauce, preservatives, garlic, and onion. These seasonings are harmful.

Things to consider

Cats are carnivores and like to eat crab meat. Being carnivores, they can’t handle high carbohydrates. Try to balance all the nutrients since anything in excess may disrupt their digestive system and lead to overconsumption and vomiting.

It is advisable not to give them crab shells since they possess sensitive teeth, and chewing hard shells may be fatal. If you often give imitation crab to kittens, they will not take it up as they have sensitive teeth, and the added flavors and additives may not be good for their health.

Salt and Water are used to pack crab meat. Salts should be avoided since excess salts may cause excess urination, sodium ion poisoning, vomiting, and diarrhea. The amount of salt, sugar, and flavoring may vary in the brand. So make a healthy choice of brands.

It is also rich in sugar, phosphorus, salt that is not ideal for a healthy diet. Cats need a low level of carbohydrates and a sufficient quantity of meat since they are carnivores. Feeding them food with high carbohydrates may lead to diabetes, obesity, and other variety of diseases.

While cooking tuna or crab meat, make sure not to add butter, salt, or seasoning. Although these ingredients add tastes to your dish, they are not fit for your feline friend. Kittens like full-grown cats can eat this meat but make sure to rip the meat pieces small, so they don’t choke.


Real crab meat has omega 3s, proteins, and vitamins which is less in imitation crabs. But they are extremely pricey, so people choose imitation crab meat over real crab meat. To be a good master, you need to be loving, caring, and pay attention to your cat’s healthy diet. Visit a vet if you have any questions regarding your cat’s diet and health. Give them healthy food with a good nutritional level.

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