Can Cats Eat Garlic Bread?

If you are a cat lover for quite some time, also you have one, you will surely be aware of the fact that cats are curious about almost everything around. They explore, touch, and sniff each of your stuff all the time.

Now, imagine if you are in your kitchen, baking a piece of garlic bread for lunch or dinner, this bizarre creature will reach there to have a fear share of it, in your activities. No doubt, the tempting aroma of garlic bread isn’t resistible, but you have to disclose to your little creature that garlic bread isn’t something that you would ever share with it.

If you don’t know already that cats cannot eat garlic bread, here is all that you need to know.

Can cats eat garlic bread?

Before explaining the logic and rationales of the statement, the simplistic answer to the question is, “No”. Cats cannot eat garlic bread due to some crucial facts about the health issues that can arise if cats eat garlic bread. Obviously, living with human beings, cats do get attracted towards our daily food items and we do share bites with them naturally but some specific food items are strictly prohibited to feed cats due to their injurious effect on a cat’s health. Garlic bread is one of those foods that a cat cannot take in any case because garlic has some elements which are poisonous for cats.

Why cats are allergic to garlic:

Thiosulphate is a toxin that is the most important element in a garlic clove and cats are allergic to this toxin, even it can cause death in them. Cats are not able to digest garlic, if they accidentally eat a piece; it becomes hard for them to come out of the sickness it causes. So, it is naturally happening with cats that they cannot take garlic and the food items that contain garlic in them.

How would garlic bread affect a cat’s health?

It happens most of the time when we live with pets; that they sometimes randomly and sometimes habitually eat a portion of our regular food. Most of our food contains garlic and onions it which are poisonous to a cat’s health. Garlic can affect us badly even it can be the reason for death for most of the cats we have in our houses. To keep your cats safe from such accidents, the cat owner should be very careful about it.

What to keep in mind about cats and the poisonous food:

To avoid any severe or unexpected incident, you need to remain conscious and alert. It is better to take a responsible part in the routine care of your pet than regret it afterward.

  • Don’t leave your cats in the kitchen unattended for a longer period.
  • If the accident of by mistake eating garlic happened, just rush towards your nearest vet clinic. The prompt action can save your cat’s life.
  • It is not that a cat after eating garlic bread would immediately die, rather it may have other issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, and kind food poisoning. Your cat may remain sick for many days.
  • You need to keep an eye on your cat while it is roaming around, just like you take care of small babies around you.

How much garlic bread is enough to make a cat fall sick?

If you have had a cat for a longer period now then you would definitely know about all the sensitivities of your pet. Obviously, we all love and observe our pet animals because we treat them like small babies in our house.

So, you can easily guess that how much your cat is sensitive towards poisonous food like garlic bread. Sometimes it is just a small bite that can disturb the stomach of your cat, and sometimes there won’t happen anything serious with one bite.

So it is up to the owner completely that he had to have complete information about the allergies and their levels in his pets.

What to do in case of an emergency?

If your cat is allergic enough and has eaten a rather bigger bite of garlic bread, there is no other choice but to take her to the vet doctor as early as possible. The doctor can induce vomiting and with proper medication and treatment, wash its stomach which would help in survival.


For cats, it is better to have food that is prepared solely to feed them rather than munching around with their owner’s food. It is just for the sake of their safety because with food items like garlic or chocolate, it is a matter of life and death. Cats, rightfully cannot be trained completely to avoid such food, they are animals after all, so the actual responsibility is on the shoulders of the owner.

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