Can cats eat applesauce?

Fruits are something that everybody needs to have, and one such fruit that takes the lead is apples. While many don’t like apples and try to stay away from them, it cannot be denied that apples are one of the healthiest and nutritious fruits out there. However, one form of the apple that even kids love is applesauce. Most of the time, whatever kids or pet owners eat tends to somehow reach the pet bowls as well.

So, the question is, regardless of how delicious applesauce can be, is it safe to give to the cats? Well, the answer is yes!

It is a known fact that certain fruits like grapes, oranges, and other citrus fruits are toxic for cats. But apples do not fall into the same category. They are not toxic to cats and have some health benefits as well. Applesauce is the best option because raw apples may not be a digestible option for many cats.

Cats eating applesauce

Can Cats Eat Applesauce, Packaged or Fresh? - Best Tips for Pets, Baby, Kittchen

Cat foods are generally made keeping their food habits and nutritional needs in mind. As cats are carnivores, their main nutrition is derived from animal protein, and if they are given natural or store-bought food, then animal protein is added at the maximum concentration. Because of this, their digestive system is more adept in digesting animal protein and not plant products.

So you can say that cats don’t need plant products like fruits. However, to change their taste routines a bit and to diversify their food, you can add some new things, making sure that those things are not toxic. Apples are one of those things that cats can digest, but only if given in smaller qualities.

Applesauce is made of apples and is slushed and pureed, which means the fiber content of the fruit is reduced considerably. This makes the applesauce an easily digestible option for the cats. Feeding a little amount of the sauce to them can be a nice change and some cats may even like it. However, if they are already eating premium quality snacks and cat food, then applesauce may not be needed, so it is not completely necessary. Also, applesauce is sweet, and cats are too fond of sweet things, so be aware. If they don’t like it, then don’t serve it.

How to feed applesauce to cats

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Applesauce is not a necessary option when it comes to cat food. Not many benefits can be taken from it, but in case you want to serve it, then choose to in minimal amounts. Some cats might like having applesauce, but you should be careful of the amount as too much can cause bad digestion and an upset stomach.

For feeding your cats applesauce, prepare it by yourself at home. The store-bought ones tend to have added sugar and preservatives in them, which may not be good for the kitty. So the best option is to prepare the sauce at home using home ingredients and organic apples. Organic apples will also ensure that there are fewer harmful pesticides used in them, which can cause major health issues in the long run.

Simply make applesauce and make sure to cool it down completely before serving. Serve it in very small portion sizes which will be a small snack for them and not a full-blown meal. Applesauce can be served as a side dish with their cat food also to give a little change to the monotony of their food, but the baseline remains the same, and that is to keep the amount small.

When it comes to applesauce, also make sure that the sauce is not too high in sugar, as it can cause health problems to the cat. Too much sugar can lead to obesity and problems like cat diabetes. At times, it is better to give the cats chopped apples over the applesauce to avoid too many sugar calories.

Benefits of applesauce for cats

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Though it is not something that should be given to the cats regularly and daily, it can be given as small treats to the cats who love fruits. Tow of the main benefits of giving cats some applesauce now and then is proper digestion and weight management.

Cats tend to be a bit constipated, and the reason is their animal protein diet and with less fiber going into their stomach. Now it is said that their stomach is not built to handle fiber. But as it is known that fiber is very helpful in cleaning the digestive tract, applesauce can be helpful in cats for the same reason. The fiber is soluble in the applesauce, and when it reaches the digestive tract, it absorbs the water and turns into a jelly-like substance. The puffed-up fiber will then pass through the intestine and will help in softening the constipated hard stool. This will alleviate constipation and will make the bowel movement regular.

Secondly, applesauce can be effective in weight management as well. Since the fiber in the applesauce does not get digested, it will fill the space up in the stomach. This will make sure that the cat is eating less of the high caloric food. Therefore, weight gain will not trouble the cat and will keep them healthy. With a smaller volume of food, the cat will feel fulfilled and will not nag you for constant treats and snacks.


Apples are great for humans and should be eaten daily, but the same cannot be said about cats. Cats tend to have different food habits and applesauce is not the most needed part of their diet. However, for cats who like to nibble on fruits, applesauce can be beneficial. Not only can applesauce satiate their love of fruit, but it will also give them some health benefits like relief from constipation and lowering the calorific intake. So, if you decide to give your kitty some applesauce as a snack, then make sure it is made at home using natural ingredients and that the amount is small and not too much.

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