Can Cats Drink Whiskey

Cats tend to be the kind of animal that you can keep as a pet if you are someone who likes to have peace in their surroundings. Cats can be very quiet, and they do not require too much effort from you in terms of fulfilling their needs and wants. They have basic needs that you will have to fulfill, which is the case with most pets, but apart from that, they do not need much else until there are special circumstances at play. They are lovely creatures and do not require too much attention from their owners.

Cat’s Eating Habits on the Regular

When it comes to things that you will have to pay heed to and take care of is what the cat eats. Cats have digestive systems that are quite different from humans and other pets. They are not capable of eating the various things that humans tend to eat because they will be risking upsetting their stomach in the process, something that they tend to avoid at all costs. Their digestive systems tend to be quite fragile, and giving them just about anything can prove to be hazardous to their health in the future.

Cats are known to be obligate carnivores. This means that they can eat plant-based foods now and then, but that is not something that the cat’s diet should mainly consist of. You need to find better alternatives to this, and since they are carnivorous creatures, that something should be meat. Meat is very important in a cat’s diet. Cats need meat for protein purposes, and it is required by their body to consume meat on the regular because it is important for their bones and their muscles. You need to pay attention to what kind of meat you choose as well.

Red meats can be consumed by cats, but they are not exactly good for the cat’s health. Giving them red meat can prove to be hazardous for their heart and vessels. Red meat tends to contain a lot of fats and such, which is a small amount, is not too bad, but when given to the cat on the regular, it can cause fat to build up in the cat’s body, making it lazy and lethargic. It may begin to cause heart problems for the cat, something that the cat would be capable of avoiding if it eats white meat instead of red. White meat is found in chicken and fish. Red meat, on the other hand, is the meat that comes from cows, which is beef and pork, both of which can contribute to worsening the health of the little cat. 

You may also need to take care of where the cat is to be sleeping. The cat will need a spot inside your home, which is not too noisy and loud. A place that is not prone to commotion and chaos now and then. Cats need their sleep, or else they may become too cranky.

Whiskey and its consumption

Whiskey is one of those drinks which are consumed by people on a recreational basis. It is something which is enjoyed by people with refined taste buds, and it tastes quite good for them. It is one of those drinks that people enjoy when they are alcohol enthusiasts. Whiskey has high alcohol content and is used to have a good time in simple language. Whiskey is made out of malted barley, maize, and wheat, all of which are known to be grain-based ingredients. It can seem like whiskey is good for you, but there are many other ingredients in it that, if consumed regularly, can prove to be hazardous to your health.

Consumption of Whiskey by Cats

Whether or not cats can drink whiskey is important to know and understand when you have a cat inside your home, which is extremely curious and enjoys a certain amount of exploration and such. Cats do not always like the taste of the whiskey, but they do tend to be intrigued by new things. Whiskey can easily be one of these things. They will smell the whiskey if they see a bottle lying around in their vicinity and will even try to taste it.

Side Effects of Cats Drinking Whiskey

Now, on the off chance that your cat does begin to enjoy the whiskey, there are a few things that you will have to consider if your cat does like the whiskey and you find it getting into a bottle now and then. First of all, the direct consequence that may happen is alcohol poisoning. If a certain amount of alcohol is ingested by the cat, it will begin to feel unwell, and it will start to get quite lethargic and lazy. When a cat gets alcohol poisoning, it can even prove to be fatal. Your responsibility is to keep alcohol away from the cat.

Another side effect that a cat may experience if it does end up ingesting alcohol is vomiting. A cat will get an upset stomach, and it will begin to throw up all over the place. This can even lead to the cat getting quite weak, and its health may begin to deteriorate. You have to pay attention to what your cat is doing, and if it shows these signs, then there is a chance that the cat may have ingested alcohol or whiskey, to be specific.

You need to also recognize if the cat is experiencing some sort of difficulty breathing. If that is the case, then it is very likely that the cat may have ingested whiskey. What you can do in these circumstances is take the cat to the vet immediately and follow according to what the vet says. There is a likely chance that you will have to get the cat’s stomach pumped. You have to keep a close inspection on the cat even after you the cat is said to be fine and back to normal. This can be important to preserve the health of your cat.

The cat may also experience diarrhea, along with vomiting. This is not only what the cat will be experiencing. It is very likely that once the cat has begun to vomit and has upset its stomach, the condition will get worse and much worse. There is a high chance that if the cat is left to its own devices and not paid attention to or found a remedy for it, it will begin to experience liver failure, which can even prove to be fatal for the cat in the worst conditions. You have to pay attention to your cat after it has ingested any such substances.

The cat may even begin to have seizures and such because of the effects that the alcohol might have on the body of the cat. The cat’s body might not be used to this new substance, and there is a very high chance that it will react quite negatively to what is being given to it if your cat does begin to experience seizures. You must take the cat to the vet immediately to avoid any situations that may prove to be fatal to the cat and its health.

If the cat happens to ingest an amount of alcohol that is too high, it might even go into a coma. This can also prove to be fatal and make the cat quite weak. It may take quite a while for the cat to return to its normal behavior. 

All of these circumstances are quite inevitable if the cat does happen to get into some whiskey that was lying around in your house. You need to make sure that the cat does not get into whiskey and if it does, make sure that you take it to the hospital right after.

How to Prevent it

There are a few ways how you can protect your cat from your whiskey. The first thing that you can do is keep your whiskey in spots inside your house that the cat will not be able to reach. You need to keep the lid shut tight if you do leave the whiskey on the counter. The cat might still get into the whiskey by breaking the bottle, so the better alternative would be to keep the whiskey on a higher shelf somewhere so the cat is not able to get to it. You must protect your cat from the whiskey.


The severe health issues that your cat may begin to experience because of the whiskey is not worth giving the cat even one sip. Just avoid it at all costs and prevent your cat from getting sick. You need to find a better alternative that will keep your cat occupied and safe at the same time. 

It is also important to keep your cat well-fed, so it does not get into the whiskey in the first place. Do not let it drink even a small amount of whiskey because once it gets the taste for it, it will be quite difficult to stop the cat.

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