Can Cats Die from Diarrhea?

Cats are not as playful as dogs or other animals. They are quite calm in nature and will only attack if they feel like they are being threatened. Dogs require a lot of affection and attention to stay healthy and happy. This is not the case with cats; cats can live a very relaxed and nonchalant life compared to other animals. This is the kind of pet that you can keep if you are going to be at the office all day, and you are going to leave your cat alone at the house. 

Apart from being fed and being given a nice bed to sleep on, they do not require much effort as long as they are fed regularly. They can stay at home, and they will usually sleep all day. They will not wreak too much havoc at your home and lie in one spot. They may want to go out at one point in time, but that too will be for a little while and not too long. All of these qualities make cats one of the most peaceful animals that you can live with. 

They will come to sit on your lap at times and will want you to scratch them. This can be quite endearing.

cat’s natural diet?

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Since cats are mainly carnivorous and only eat plants for digestive purposes, they might be given the most chicken. Chicken is the best meat for their health because it will not make them obese. Any red meat may cause indigestion, making the cats gain an unnecessary amount of weight. To avoid any such situations, white meat is the best option. 

White meat can be in the form of chicken, or it can even be given fish. When it comes to fish, there are chances that the bone gets stuck in the cat’s throat. The bones tend to be very thin, and if not removed properly, they can cause your cat to choke. It may also pierce the lining of your cat’s throat. All of these are very valid and very obvious disadvantages of feeding a cat, fish. It may be good for your cat’s health in terms of protein content. If you plan to feed it fish, try your best to remove the bones as best as physically possible to avoid any mishaps.

Many people tend to give their cats raw meat. There are a few reasons why you should not be doing that. For one, raw meat may cause salmonella, and it might make the cat very sick. Secondly, raw meat may be one of the main reasons for diarrhea in your cat’s stomach. Diarrhea can be extremely dangerous for the cat’s fragile and feeble body. It strains the organs a lot, and it can be for a very long period of time. This can be one way to protect your cat as cooking the meat gets rid of any bacteria that may have been residing in the meat.

Reasons for getting diarrhea

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There are multiple reasons for cats getting diarrhea. If you feed them some bad food for their health and cannot digest it, they will likely get diarrhea from their food. This may also upset their stomach for a long period of time. If the cat is not getting well in some dire cases, the cat may also reach its untimely demise. However, this may only happen in extremely severe cases where the cat is not getting well.

Another reason for diarrhea could be cat food. Sometimes, the cat food company that you may go for may not always suit the cat. There may be some ingredients that the cat is allergic to, or in other cases, there are times when the cat has eaten too much of that specific food. It may give the cat diarrhea.

Diarrhea can also be in the case of the cat being overfed. If you start feeding the cat too much, sooner or later, its stomach will not be able to take it, and it might result in the cat getting explosive diarrhea.

An infection can also be why the cat gets diarrhea, and various viruses and such can cause it. 

Another very common reason for the cat having loose and watery stool is milk. You may think that cats love it, and it should be good for them, but that is not the case at all.

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There are some situations where the cat getting diarrhea may actually be fatal for the cat. However, this is not a common recurrence; it still means that it should be tended to if the cat is showing signs of diarrhea. 

If the period in which the cat is suffering from diarrhea is too long, then very soon, the cat’s organs will begin to be affected. This condition may be known as chronic diarrhea. When the cat reaches this stage, it is very important to take it to a clinic and consult the vet. There are other signs of diarrhea, the cat may be vomiting a lot, or it might start to lose a lot of weight very suddenly. 

Cats can also get diarrhea if they suffer from inflammatory bowel disease, which is not exactly rare in cats. They may need to be treated properly if this situation arises.


Cats may not commonly die from diarrhea, but there is a very high chance that they die from the disease that caused diarrhea. You will have to pay close attention to your cat. If your cat’s stool is uneven, it is always better to take it to the vet. It is better to be safe than sorry. If you feel like the situation is not as severe, you may consult the vet and take the responsible measures to ensure that your cat does not get too sick and preserve the situation from getting fatal.

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