Badass cat names

Cats are known for their attitude and they strictly live their life on their terms regardless of the rules you would like them to follow. When your cat doesn’t want to do anything, he/she won’t do it and that’s the end of that story, and that is badass. So if your cat is feisty and rebellious, you can get a suitable name from a list of badass cat names.

How you can choose the perfect badass cat name

Choosing a cat name can be a bit and if you prefer to research the name first or just pick any name you come across, make sure it’s a name that you can easily say and remember. Here are some helpful tips that will help you pick a great badass name for your cat.

  • Don’t give your cat a name that will irritate or upset people because people will not mind the cat, but will hold you in less respect for giving your cat such a name.
  • Take time to learn the character of your cat so you can give her the best badass female cat name.
  • Make sure you consult with the other family members to ensure they’re satisfied with the name, because they’re not, most likely they won’t use the name to call the cat. And besides, you can’t use different names on one cat because it will be confusing for both you and your feline friend.
  • You can look for inspiration from your favorite books, films, celebrities, places, or shows. This will help you come up with more names.
  • Choose a name that has more than two syllables to make it easier to remember and pronounce it.

Your personal preference plays a big role in deciding the name of your feline friend, but remember to keep the name short and sweet as long and complicated names are hard to say and harder for your cat to master. Whether your cat is tough, feisty, intense, or fierce, here are some badass cat names you can choose from.

Female badass cat names

Your female feline friend may be cute, but she may have a fierce heart like that of a lion. When choosing a female cat name, it doesn’t have to be cute and cuddly, you can get a badass cat name that is sassy and strong that reflects your cat’s inner toughness.

Adara Cyanide Madonna Siren
Alaska Dakota Medusa Storm
Athena (god of war) Diva Mystique Sheba
Alyssa Elektra Nikita Titania
Aphrodite Huntress Odessa Trinity
Artemis (god of hunting) Hazel Pandora Starbuck
Banshee Ice queen Rebel Valkyrie
Baroness Bastet (Egyptian cat god) Jezebelle Rogue Venus
Cleopatra Katniss Savannah Vixen
Cairo Leia Sumo Xena

Male badass cat names

Male cats are known to be tough and for them to survive they have to protect their territory and scare off other cats with their claws. Your cat could be a badass fighter or a softie who prefers to cuddle next to you rather than fighting. Regardless, a badass male name will ensure he commands respect from others.

Admiral Bolt Helios(the Greek sun god) Rocky
Archy Bullet Judge Scar
Ajax Captain Killer Sniper
Alpha Chief Kill shot Spike
Apocalypse Diesel Knox Tank
Ares (Greek god of war) Fang Maverick Tiger
Axe Flint Nitro Thor
Bear Goliath Night hawk Viper
Blade Hannibal Rambo Warlock
Bandit Hercules Rex Zeus

Stoner cat names

Some cats stay active throughout the day playing with their toys and other cats and patrolling their territory, while others are just chilled. If you and your cat are chilled and live your lives on the slow lane, some of these names will be perfect for your feline friend.

Blaze Nugget Spliff
Bud Puff THC
Buddha Rasta whiskers Wacky
Bob Marley Red-eye Willie
Doobie Rizla
Ganja kitty Roach
Joplin Rogan
Lucid Roller
Mary Jane Smokey
Munchies Snoop

Feisty cat names

No matter how much you adore your pets, cats can be very unpredictable and erratic. One minute you’re giving her a belly rub and she’s very content purring away, the next minute she’s attacking your hand like she has found her next meal. If your cat constantly keeps you alert and attentive, these are popular cat names that will be perfect for your feline friend.

Ares Diesel Slicer
Ammo Electra Snappy
Arrow Flash Sassy
Axel Gunner Tsunami
Bandit Hades Trinity
Beast Hulk Tiger
Bobcat Lasher Ursula
Brutus Lightning Vadar
Diva Nikita Zapper

Gangster cat names

Gangster cats protect and rule their territory by intimidation and fear and do anything to get what they want. Your feline friend may be terrorizing her stuffed mouse or the birds in the nearby tree, but she’s still the badass boss in her territory.

AK 47 Dealer Ink Patriot
Big papa Decay Ironclad Panther
Brewer Escobar Killshot Pistol
Butch Fester Knuckles Psycho
Buzz Forge Lynch Rascal
Cannon Governor Loki Reaper
Capone Grenade Maximus Rocky
Chains Gunner Montana Shorty
Colt Harley Mufasa (Simba’s father in Lion King) Takeo (Japanese warrior name)
Creeper Hash Osiris (Egyptian god of death) Uzi

Black cat badass names

Black cats are both loved and hated in equal measure. They’re associated with the supernatural, witches, and Halloween or a symbol of bad luck. These cats command a powerful aura of darkness and mystery, so your cat deserves an interesting, spooky badass name to match.

Abracadabra Coal Frankenstein Magic Salem
Ace Cosmos Goth Menace Smoky
Ash Coffee Guinness Midnight Soot
Aura Dark matter Hades Mystery Tarmac
Black eye Deception Halloween Nebula Twilight
Black moon Dusk Ink Ninja Undertaker
Blackout Ebony Jaguar Omen Vampire
Blind spot Eclipse Knight Panther Voodoo
Catman Enigma Lucifer Phantom Warlock
Carbon Envy Lyla Raven Witch


These badass cat names will help you in choosing the right name for your badass cat that will match his/her attitude, character, strength, and confidence. These are some of the coolest and boldest cat names that will make your feline friend stand out from the rest of the kitties. Although each cat is different, each cat deserves a name that sounds as badass as they’re.

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