Baby Powder On Dog

Every pet parent knows the danger of using human products on dogs. Human products should never be used on your furry friend. How about baby powder then? Can you safely use the same powder on your baby as well as your pet? Read on to find out!!

Can I use baby powder on dogs?

The answer is an absolute YES!! Baby powder can be safely used on your dog without the need to worry about allergies or other side effects. Baby powder is a talc-free powder that can blend well with your dog’s skin without any reactions. There are many advantages of using baby powder on dogs.

Some of the important advantages of using baby powder on dogs are listed below.


1. Remove bad odor

Baby powder is a really good substitute for shampoo, especially during winters. It works wonderfully in deodorizing your pooch and make her smell fresh. When dogs don’t bathe for long, there is an accumulation of dirt, oils, and dust on their skin and fur. With time, such accumulations may lead to skin irritations and foul odor. You can simply eradicate such a problem by applying baby powder to your pooch.

Follow these simple instructions on how to do it-

  • Stand a foot apart from your pooch and rub a small amount of baby powder on your palms. The quantity of powder will depend on the size and fur thickness of your pooch.
  • Gently rub your hands over your pet’s fur thoroughly.
  • You can even use a comb to brush through the fur
  • Make sure you don’t see white powder on your pet’s fur. That would indicate that you have overused the powder.
  • Wait for at least 5-10 minutes and allow the powder to settle on the skin
  • Brush your pet’s fur to remove any excess powder.

Why baby powder on the skin?

Using baby powder on your dog’s skin helps in soaking up the excess oil, thus freeing them from the bad odor. Baby powder is also easily available everywhere and works great in case of emergencies. Overall, it is also a cheap alternative to other bath products.

2. Remedy against fleas

Fleas infestation is a common and dangerous problem in pets. Dogs infected with fleas are prone to various skin diseases, health conditions, or even death sometimes. They tend to be uncomfortable always by constantly scratching themselves. There are a lot of anti-flea products on the market, but a cheap alternative is the use of baby powder on your dog!

Baby powder works great against flea infestation on dogs. They suffocate the fleas and kill them.

Follow these simple instructions to do so-

  • Dust the dog’s fur to remove any unwanted dirt
  • Apply baby powder generously on the dog’s fur. Make sure it touches the skin too.
  • Wait for 5-10 mins for the fleas to die
  • Use a flea comb and thoroughly comb your dog’s fur
  • Place the extracted flea on white paper and check if they are still active
  • Repeat the process till the time you see no flea on the comb.

You can even use baby powder to dust your dog’s bedding and sofas at home. Leave the powder on the furniture for some time and then use a vacuum to suck it all up.

3. Remedy for wounds

There are few sensitive parts of a dog’s body, such as the ear, which may bleed excessively in case of a cut or other infections. In such instances, you can safely rub baby powder on the wound. Baby powder can be used as a safe substitute for septic powder on wounds. The powder instantly dries up the wound and has anti-septic properties.

4. Remedy against rashes

Your pooch may get heat rashes during summers or any other kind of skin rashes due to insect bites etc. These rashes, if kept untreated for long, may turn into big wounds and threaten your dog’s health. If you see any kind of skin rash on your dog, immediately rub some baby powder on it.

Baby powder can have a cooling effect on the skin and will relieve your pooch from the pain. Begin by cleaning the rash with cotton or a soft cloth and then rub the powder on it. Leave it as it is.


While baby powder may highly benefit your dog, there are some disadvantages associated with its use. They are-

  • Baby powder can have a choking effect on your dog. If your pooch happens to lick the baby powder by mistake, chances are she may choke to it because it will irritate the windpipe. It may even make your pooch cough or sneeze continuously.
  • Baby powder has a drying effect on the skin. Using too often or too much on the skin may soak up your dog’s natural oils and luster.
  • Baby powder may smell nice to humans, but maybe not so for dogs. Since humans and dogs perceive smell differently, your pooch may not be fond of the powder.


  • While using baby powder on your pooch, there are a few precautions you should take.
  • Make sure the baby powder doesn’t come in contact with your dog’s eyes or mouth, since it may irritate.
  • Wipe off any extra baby powder on the floor so that your pooch doesn’t lick it. Licking too much baby powder can lead to toxic situations in dogs.
  • Don’t apply baby powder on skin infections or if your dog is feeling itchy. Doing so may lead to the problem becoming more serious.


Baby powder has immense benefits for your dogs if used correctly and in moderation. Talc-free baby powders can be safely used on your dog’s fur to remove the smell, to heal wounds or skin rashes, and others. Utmost care should be taken while using the powder on your dogs, as contact with eyes and mouth may make your pooch feel uncomfortable. It acts as a quick home remedy for many skin problems for your pooch.

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