Are roses poisonous to cats?

The flower that comes to our mind when someone utters the word ‘Love’. The flower that is used for most romantic occasions is ‘Rose’. Just because it is used in most of the lovely ceremonies does not mean it is best suitable for any occasion. There are restrictions where these flowers are not recommended.

When you are selecting a flower for any of your house ceremonies, please choose cautiously if you are having a pet. Especially, cats!

Now sit back and relax. Roses are not poisonous to cats. However, the thorns that rose comes with are harmful to the pet animal. In situations where we ourselves hurt with thorns, the percentage of getting hurt by thorns is higher for the feline friend we have in our house.

Does my cat like to chew roses?

Are Roses Harmful to Cats?

Didn’t you recall that cats are not herbivores when you read that title? I bet, most of you would have not. That is because of the curiosity that we have and the gap that we have not researched enough about the pet animals’ behavioral characteristics.

Yes, cats are carnivores but chewing the rose petals just like the curiosity you had now while reading the topic does not hurt, right? But the problem is, cats are unaware that thorns hurt though if the rose petals did not. This might cause a wound in the mouth of the animal. Hence, it is recommended not to place anything that might cause injury to the animal.

What happens if my cat eats some rose petals?

Be aware of your cat consuming roses since the rose petals cause serious gastrointestinal tract problems. This might sometimes lead to uneasiness indigestion.

Stomach problems lead to other issues and hence you must be careful of what your cat is consuming and what is at its hand level.

How to find if my cat has eaten roses?


Your cat might not sit in place. It keeps walking, sometimes rubbing against the wall, trying to vomit. The little animal keeps doing something or the other to get rid of the discomfort caused.


The cat may throw up clear liquid or rose petals half-digested. Watch for any other symptoms. If so, it is advised to take to the vet doctor. If not, make it drink water and ensure there is no problem thereafter with the left-over rose petals in the stomach.


If you see that the rose you placed is not there or any rose smell in your cats’ mouth, do inspect in its mouth. If the cat has diarrhea, then that proves it has consumed some roses you placed.

Abdominal pain

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The cat may produce weird sounds to show that it is discomfort and having to pain the abdomen. Watch for the unusual sound produced and act accordingly


Yes, cats may fart! If there are any issues in the gastrointestinal tract, then the cats may fart. If it farts for once, that is normal. But in case, if it is farting for a long time and unusually, then you must visit a veterinarian.

Gastrointestinal issues

The little kitty might have shown already some of the symptoms stated above to denote you that it has some serious problems. Do a home treatment and if that does not work, then consider a doctor.

Are all rose types harmful to the cat?

Yes and no. Roses, in general, are not that harmful as lilies are to cats. The concern is for thorns and some types of roses. If you have a garden and it playfully consumes some rose petals from your hand, that is fine on rare occasions.

The consumption of roses on regular basis or eating with the thorns may cause serious illness. The rose’s petals cause discomfort which is seen as cats rubbing their face and skin with nails and sometimes scratching.

Some species of roses that are harmful to the cats are,

Desert rose

A type of lily, which produces white flowers is beautiful to see in a garden. But if you have a cat in your home, then you must reconsider your opinion because this type of rose species is harmful to the cat. The sap is poisonous to cats.

Moss rose

Are Roses Poisonous Plants? Are They Toxic to Pets? - Plant Index

A decorative used flower that grows flowers in different colors and is attractive in an entrance and verandah of an organization.

But planting this might not be a good option for the cats. This is also harmful to cats.


The rose family that is acting as a cure for arthritis in the world for a long time. It is generally yellow in color which is attractive and lovely, this plants’ oil is been used by many patients for the cure. But do not scrub this against your kitty’s body because this is harmful to the cats’ fur and causes itching.

Our recommendations for you are,

Do not let the word ‘rose’ makes you think that all roses are good for cats. Some are harmful and poisonous as described above. Anyway, to be on the safer side, it is better to keep all these types of plants out of reach for your feline friend.

Since the rose is not going to be your first choice of ‘snacks’ for your kitty, it is better to stay away from poisonous plants. This is not restricted to plants, this can be saying your friends not to bring rose bouquets, keeping them away from reach. Let us show some love towards the small animal which loves us unconditionally.

Do comment about your thoughts, how you struggle in keeping away stuff from your little feline friend.

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