Are Potatoes good for Guinea pigs

Do you know about Guinea pigs?

Popular pet websites suggest Guinea pigs are the best pets for children. They are easily cared for, if fed properly they live a long life. The most notable and unique character is, Guinea pigs like to pop!

Yes, when they are happy or excited, they tend to popcorning. They jump up, run forward and backward and all these make Guinea pigs unique. Generally, Guinea pigs are neither from the Guinea region nor in any way related to the pig’s family.

The reason for the name is still unclear though. These small creatures do not belong to the wild animal category. That proves that this animal falls under the domestic animal category right from the 16th century when it was formally introduced to residents. The caring, easy feeding nature makes guinea pigs more preferred as house pets.

Some Americans even like to call Guinea pigs as pocket pets as it weighs around 700 to 1200g only. These pet animal’s life expectancy is 4 to 5 years; however, the maximum is 8 years.

So, what is the ability of Guinea pigs?

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Guinea pigs are preferred for their memory skills. It can solve the complex food path and remember the same path. They have the strongest problem-solving ability.

They are good swimmers too.

What types of food should we feed them with?

Guinea pigs’ molar teeth are developed in such a way that it is most suited for grass. The distinct path in their diet system is that they must eat their own feces to supplement. Although they do not consume the whole of it, they produce small pellets for easy consumption. These pellets recycle the vitamins and fiber required for proper digestion in the digestive tract of Guinea pigs.

Rabbits too have this behavior. Guinea pigs can consume pellets directly from their anus unless it is obese or pregnant.
Guinea pigs require vitamin C daily since they have a high chance of being affected by Scurvy, a disease caused due to deficiency of vitamin C. But they can get this vitamin easily from grass, raw fruits, and vegetables.

What is the behavior of Guinea pigs?

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Guinea pigs must be fed properly with food at right time else they tend to develop bad habits like chewing their hair. Also, it is mandatory to train Guinea pigs about good and bad habits. If not taught, they have great difficulty changing their habits after attaining maturity.

Some guinea pigs might starve or produce unusual sounds in terms of protest to the new change.

Guinea pigs must be kept away from clothes, paper, and plastic since their teeth have the ability to chew these products. This is recommended since Guinea pigs have teeth growing all the time. Ensure they have chew sticks all the time.

As many vegetables and eatables are poisonous to Guinea pigs, it is recommended to keep them far away. Especially potatoes!

Can guinea pigs eat potatoes?

Guinea pigs must be given foods that contain high-quality pellets and rich in proteins. Some vegetables like lettuce, spinach can be given occasionally.
Some foods must be completely avoided. One such is potatoes and you will read about it in this article.

Potatoes are generally the most favorite for many people. This is eaten either as baked potatoes or fried potatoes or mashed potatoes and, in many ways, like other staple vegetables. Most of us know that potatoes are rich in carbohydrates, but they are also rich in vitamins and minerals. Though it was grown in some parts of the world, because of its depend nowadays potatoes are grown in many parts of the world. No wonder it is the third most grown crop.

Now back to the question – Can guinea pigs eat potatoes?

The answer is NO!

Although potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and possess necessary nutrients to the body, the vegetable is low in nutrients. A combination of high carbohydrates and low nutrients is very poisonous for our guinea pigs. This would cause the pet illness and sickness.

Also, potatoes contain harmful toxins which are poisonous to the pet. Moreover, they possess zero nutritional value. There is no point in adding this to the diet for the pet.

Guinea pigs must not be fed with any potato skin in any form like mashed or fried. However, sweet potatoes can be fed, occasionally. In case, if you see changes in behavior during the first time, kindly refrain from feeding sweet potatoes.

Another reason is, your pet does not know whether a food is harmful or healthy. Because of their love to chew, they might grab and eat it before you realize its harmfulness. So, it is always a better idea to stick to a healthy diet by giving them fresh vegetables and leafy greens.

Most people strictly follow the rule of not feeding potatoes to the Guinea pigs but fail to refrain from feeding potato flavored items. Though the potato flavored items may or may not be hazardous for the animal, it is recommended not to. Prevention is always better than cure.

What to do if your Guinea pig ate some potatoes?

Relax. Do not panic!

Potatoes are harmful to Guinea pig’s bodies since the vegetable is a starchy tuberous crop that converts a large amount of starch into sugar which in the long turn causes diabetes. No food is poisonous but that does not mean you should eat.

A guinea pig can eat crackers but that is not healthy and hence it is not recommended. In case you find some unusual behavior of the pet, then do immediately take it to the doctor/practitioner for consultation.

If you want your guinea pig to be happy and healthy then you must not feed any form or types of foods that cause illness.

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